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Interior Protection – Suspended Cover

SealWrap has the most combined experience in the Interior Protection industry offering clients with Suspended Covers. Our system is designed to contain dust and debris during reroofing projects. Without a suspended cover, you might need to halt production to avoid recalls and the risk of contaminating your products, equipment, and employees. If you don’t shut down, you could damage your brand and if you do need to shut down, you would lose time and unnecessary money. However, with our Interior Protection Suspended Cover System, you can continue production without any concerns.

Our nationally acclaimed Suspended Cover meets all safety standards and we offer a range of options, including netting, various material options, and High Structure Cleaning. We have clients in the retail, commercial, industrial, and factory sectors in the USA and worldwide.

Temporary suspended ceilings, also known as temporary construction ceilings or dust containment systems, are designed to create a barrier between the construction area and the rest of the building. They are commonly used during renovation or construction projects to control dust, debris, and other contaminants, while also providing additional benefits such as: 

1. Dust and debris containment: Temporary suspended ceilings help contain dust, debris, and particles generated during construction activities. This containment can reduce the spread of contaminants throughout the building, minimizing cleanup efforts and potential damage to sensitive equipment or finished areas.

2.  Protection of sensitive areas: If there are occupied spaces adjacent to the construction area, a temporary suspended ceiling can protect those areas from potential damage caused by falling debris or construction-related activities. 

3. Enhanced safety: By containing construction activities within a designated area, temporary suspended ceilings can enhance overall safety on the worksite. They can minimize the risk of accidents, protect workers and occupants from hazards, and help maintain compliance with safety regulations.

4.  Flexibility and adaptability: Temporary suspended ceilings are often modular systems that can be quickly installed and adjusted to accommodate different project requirements. They can be easily customized to fit the specific dimensions and layout of the construction area.

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