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Our shrinkwrap temporary curtain wall system has many uses to ensure that poor weather does not interrupt normal production and that your critical path remains unscathed. In the harsh winter weather, this shrinkwrap system helps to keep the heat in creating an easier environment to work in. During the summer months, when mold and humidity is a concern, we work to keep the AC in and water out. As the permanent curtain wall is installed, this system easily allows for the removal of the temporary partitions section by section ensuring that your daily operations are being met with efficiency.
ShrinkWrap - Sealwrap

Custom Exterior Protection

Our custom shrink wrap exterior protection solutions, protect anything from normal roof decks to domes to the more complicated structures. 

Dust Barrier Walls

These temporary walls are made up of 12 mil fire retardant shrink film and are used to create a partition wall in order to allow production to continue on one side while the construction and dust particles on the other side do not interfere. We ensure cleanliness and safety at all times. These walls are also used when a contractor wants to keep an area at a certain ambient temperature for concrete pour or dust control. They are frameless, durable, seamless, and very easy to install. No matter the size of the wall needed, SealWrap can surely meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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