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Other Containment Solutions

Suspended Cover

Sealwrap’s® Suspended Cover is utilized to protect facilities from falling dust and debris during re-roofing projects. Click Here To Learn More.

Durable Design SealWall (DDS)

Sealwrap® Durable Design SealWall (DDS) serves as a temporary barrier between the construction zone and work area, while offering extra protection by adding a Sealpanel at the base of the wall, and metal brace providing structural support. Click Here To Learn More.


Sealwrap® invented a SprinklerSeam Solution to be certified and classified to meet the NFPA 13 Standards. SealWrap was able to conduct several tests with MET Lab and through multiple field tests, and SprinklerSeam® is now being used by recognized facilities and manufactures throughout the nation. Click Here To Learn More.


Sealwrap® Temporary Interior Wall protection “SealWall” is a versatile system enabling them to be utilized in a variety of facilities. These temporary protection systems offer complete dust and debris containment enclosures during construction or renovations. Click Here To Learn More.

Total Enclosure

As suggested by its name, this solution forms somewhat of a channel that stops contaminants from entering or leaving. This method is often used with projects that require cleanliness or seclusion. Giving our clients confidence that contamination is not possible. Click Here To Learn More.

Concrete Resurfacing Services

Sealwrap Containment Solution Uses Temporary SealWall, Total Enclosure and HEBA Filtration and air purifier to contain and extract Silica dust from work zone reducing the exposure to the Silica particles.  Click Here To Learn More .