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(DDS) Durable Design Sealwalls

Temporary Protection Systems 

Because of the never-ending requests for walls with more strength and rigidity, SealWrap also made it available for our clients to take advantage of our nationally acclaimed (DDS) Durable Design SealWalls. (DDS) Durable Design SealWalls are a combination of our very versatile Temporary SealWalls and a framed wall. The benefits of a (DDS) Durable Design SealWalls are that, unlike a traditional wall, it does not contain studs and instead, is made up of a pre-manufactured metal brace that is convenient for installation. Our (DDS) Durable Design SealWalls maintain the same benefits as our Temporary Protection Systems, while offering extra rigidity and a reliable Interior Protection System.

  •  100% Waterproof
  •  100% Dust-proof
  •  (DDS) are structured in a way which enable them to adapt to areas with heavy duty machinery in use and high traffic area
  •  (DDS) is the number one recommended temporary barrier wall by our installers in (pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage plants)
  •  The most recommended Silica Dust Barrier by OSHA certified members

Our Durable Design SealWall provide the same benefits as our SealWall. It serves as a temporary Barrier between construction zone and work area, While offering rigidity for extra protection by adding Sealpanel at the base of the wall, and metal brace providing structural support.

(DDS), are accommodated with Machinery and Pedestrian Doors.

  • Pocket Sliding Doors: Custom Sliding Doors used to allow EASY access for equipment and machinery.
  • Zipper Doors: Custom Zip Doors used to allow EASY access for Pedestrians.

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